Emily & Marty / by Emily Albert

There's something about sunshine after weeks of rain that just feels like magic.

It was on the first day of good weather, after weeks of endless downpour, that I ventured out of our 650 square foot apartment and up to Farley's, my favorite neighborhood coffee spot, to work on the beginnings of a photography portfolio. A desire to soak up as much sunlight as possible led me to pull up a chair outside—right next to a cute couple sharing a pastry. 

The novelty of sunshine on my face caused me to leave my laptop closed as I sipped my coffee and instead turned my attention to studying the pair across from me. His face looked oddly familiar and I lost myself rummaging through memories, trying to place him. Their eyes turned to me just as his name fell on my tongue. “Marty?”

Turns out Marty and I had attended the same church small group several years back and the girl, Emily, was his fiancé. Without thinking twice, I asked if they’d done an engagement shoot yet. Now I’m not sure quite what gave me the courage/audacity to inquire—blame it on the bold light of the day—but they didn’t run in the opposite direction. In fact, after chatting for another half hour, we had a time scheduled for the next afternoon.  

On the day of the shoot, the sun continued to shine with tenacity and, instead of fighting it, I chose to let those bursts and rays into the images. As a prime actor in the story that brought the three of us together, it felt only right to give it a leading role.

Hopefully what resulted retains just a bit of that magic.